Become An Affiliate

Do you have customers or even friends and family that have a hunting lease? Do you run a business or have contacts that may be interested in AHLA's risk management program? Use our eye-catching banners (right) to generate revenue while you save your hunting friends money.

affiliate banner

Our affiliate program helps you promote the AHLA and our hunting lease insurance while earning big referral fees with little effort. We make it so easy and effortless that the hardest part will be cashing the checks.

Get started earning referral fees now by signing up for your FREE affiliate account. You earn as much as 20% on policies sold that were directed to the website due to your efforts. It's as simple as pasting some HTML code into your website or email, and then let us do the work for you. Start now by creating your account.

Affiliate Program FAQ

How do I log into my Affiliate Account?
Select the "Log In" link at the top of any AHLA page, enter your username and password, press the "Log In" button, and then navigate to the Affiliate Info page.

How much money do I need to earn before I get paid?
$105 (3 referrals) in referral fees must be earned before a payment is issued.

How often are payments calculated?
Payments are calculated on the 1st of the month. If $105 (3 referrals) or more in referral fees have been earned, then a payment is issued. If less than $105 is earned, that amount will be carried forward to subsequent months (e.g. January earnings total $70 and February earnings total $35, a payment will be issued for $105 on March 1st).

How do I receive payments?
Payments will be sent via mail to the address you provided during your account registration.

How does your system track the referral fees?
In the affiliate links, there is a special code that is unique for each affiliate. When someone comes to our site using an affiliate link, we record the code in a cookie. Any purchases made in the next 180 days will be credited to you.

How can I tell how much referral fees I'm currently earning?
You can track all of your affiliate information in the affiliate section of your account control panel.

What is the referral fee structure?
You earn $35 in referral fees on each initial purchase and subsequent renewals of the AHLA risk management program regardless of the cost of the service. Most policies will cost the user $175 so this is a 20% payout.

Is there a minimum number of policies I must sell?
Yes. To maintain your eligibility in the program you must refer a minimum of 3 policies purchases per calendar year.