American Hunting Lease Foundation

Mission Statement and Core Values

The American Hunting Lease Foundation (AHLF) exists to support projects and people that share the fundamental values of wildlife conversation, habitat preservation and hunter recruitment (R3) efforts across the United States.

Projects that positively impact land leased for hunting and individuals that participate in the hunting lease concept are preferred. However, any project or person that aligns with the AHLF’s values is welcome and encouraged to apply for support.

The AHLF has established three avenues to support the important work and efforts of outdoorsmen and women all over the country.

  • Grants - Whether you are building duck boxes on your hunting lease, filling in an unsafe, abandoned well or taking a group of children to an archery workshop, you may qualify for financial assistance through the AHLF!

  • Educational Scholarships – High school seniors and college students pursuing post graduate degrees in a field related to conservation and/or the advancement of hunting, fishing or the shooting sports are eligible.

  • Legislative Advocacy – Anti hunting groups and ill meaning politicians are a very real threat to our hunting heritage and our continued pursuit of the lifestyle we enjoy. The AHLF will support efforts to defeat bad legislation or lawmakers that have an agenda that runs contrary to our core values.

The American Hunting Lease Foundation relies solely on public and corporate donations as well as the support of those that attend an AHLF event.  

To make a donation to the AHLF, please send a check or money order to:

American Hunting Lease Foundation

10412 Allisonville Rd.Suite 110

Fishers, IN 46038


None at this time