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What is Hunting Lease Insurance?

For many hunters and outdoors enthusiasts, the dream of owning and managing their own hunting property is just that…a dream.  High land values and the realities of life and its economic challenges just don’t allow for most to make such a large purchase. Likewise, the hardships that come with landownership can often burden landowners to the point where they are forced to sell off their land a parcel at a time just to make ends meet.  The hunting lease industry has come to the rescue for both of these groups.
Hunting leases are a simple arrangement between landowners and hunters that provide hunting rights to a specific property in exchange for a mutually agreed upon price. In most cases, the rights to hunt on a lease are exclusive. This means that the hunters that are paying to lease a piece of ground know that no one else, not even the landowner’s family, will be hunting that ground. The lease arrangement includes two key components. The first is a signed lease agreement that specifically lists the expectations of both parties. What game can be hunted? Are ATV’s allowed? How many hunters are allowed to use the land? Lastly, how much will the hunter or the group be required to pay? Any good lease will address these issues before any hunter can access the property. 
The second part of a quality lease is a hunting lease liability insurance policy. Hunting is an inherently dangerous activity. Hanging tree stands, riding ATV’s and the use of firearms all create risk. A hunting lease insurance policy simply covers all parties from any liability claim from someone else on the lease. This usually covers hunters from the same party, who may feel it necessary to hold another hunter liable for an injury or damage. In addition, the policy protects the landowner from unknown dangers that may reside on the property. These policies are inexpensive and can be purchased easily. Protecting everyone on the lease agreement is extremely important.
Hunting leases also provide less obvious benefits as well. Controlling the population of deer on a farm will greatly enhance the crop production, additionally trespassing is greatly reduced when trespassers begin to see the same trucks and people hunting a particular farm.
Hunting leases are a growing practice in the hunting community. Providing hunters a quality experience at a fraction of the price of ownership and generating much needed revenue to landowners.  If you have any questions regarding hunting leases or hunting lease insurance, please feel free to contact the AHLA.
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