Vacant Land Liability Insurance (Coverage limits and pricing)


What Our Members Are Saying...

"Been with QDMA for years. With times hard for the oil field here in south Louisiana, your pricing is what sold me. I'm hoping you guys will be around a long time. With times as hard as they are here, we need insurance that is fairly priced and hopefully the most important thing, there if we actually need it. Praying never." - Chris Porche, The Point Hunting Club


  Vacant Land Policy Details

AHLA Exclusive Benefits

  • Next Day Coverage
  • Insurance certificate EMAILED IMMEDIATELY to landowner! We will also upload your certificate to your AHLA account for convenient access anytime.
  • Zero Deductible
  • INCLUDED Custom-Created Attorney-Approved Liability Waiver (use is optional)
  • INCLUDED "Landowner Guide To Make Your Property Safer" (PDF version)
  • INCLUDED Six No Trespassing Signs
  • INCLUDED American Hunting Lease Association Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is per occurrence? Refers to the total amount the insurance company will pay per incident during the policy term.
  • What is aggregate? Refers to the total amount the insurance company will pay for multiple claims over the course of one policy term.
  • What does it protect me from? Liability claims made against you from...
    • Licensee - Anyone that is invited on the property for their own amusement or recreation.
    • Invitee - Anyone that is invited on the property for the benefit of the landowner.
    • Trespasser - Anyone that accesses your property without your permission or knowledge.


Is vacant land insurance right for you? This program offers General Liability to owners of vacant land. The policy provides coverage for claims arising against the landowner alleging bodily injury or property damage due to the landowner’s negligence. These claims may be brought against the landowner by an invited or uninvited guest. Vacant Land liability insurance offers peace of mind and is a great solution for protecting your assets as a landowner.

Select a policy start date that best serves your needs! Annual Policies start EVERY month.  The cost is the same and coverage begins the following business day on active policies.


How Much Does Vacant Land Insurance Cost?

Coverage costs follow a simple formula of $0.30 per acre, with a $225 minimum.

Note: Premiums are 100% earned and there is no refund of premium if the policy is canceled midterm.

Each policy includes a Basic AHLA membership and the use of our custom-created, attorney-approved liability waiver (use is optional).  Coverage is subject to approval.

For your convenience, we have a new AHLA Master Policy starting on the first of EVERY month.  Each policy ends on the respective date the following year, simply choose your preferred start date during your purchase. If your purchase is on or after the policy start date, your coverage will begin the next business day after payment is received.

Certificates of Insurance will be EMAILED within 24 hours of your purchase (M-F).  

Insurance Carrier: American Carrier
Rated A+ Excellent by A.M. Best




Coverage is subject to approval.