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Frequently Asked Questions About The AHLA Risk Management Program


What is the policy year for the Liability insurance and are the rates pro-rated?

We offer twelve AHLA Master Policies, one policy for every month. The only difference is the start date of coverage. The January Policy coverage begins January 1 and ends January 1 the following year, and the February Policy begins February 1 ending February 1 the following year, and so on. The rates are NOT pro-rated. If you buy a policy mid-month, you will still be required to pay the full premium. Premiums are 100% earned and there is no refund of premium if the policy is cancelled mid-term.

Why should I consider using  the lease agreement provided by AHLA?

A written lease is required for the policy to be in effect. You may use your own lease agreement. We believe that our risk management program sets the industry standard. We not only want to protect you in case of a law suit, but want to be proactive in our efforts of preventing law suits. The lease agreement gives you flexibility, yet protects the interests of all parties involved. We do not need a copy on file.

Should I have my attorney look at the lease agreement?

We are confident that our lease agreement will meet and exceed your needs However, It is a legally binding contract so that is up to each individual participating in the program. The AHLA lease agreement is time tested and has been reviewed by multiple attorneys, but like any contract, you should take all precautions that you deem necessary to protect your interests.

My lease doesn't start on August 1. What should I do?

Use your lease dates on the lease agreement. As long as you have an insurance policy in effect with AHLA, you can log in to your account and update the lease for the new lease period.

Does my hunting club have to pay for legal fees associated with a liability claim?

No, the policy pays for all legal costs required for your club's defense, even if the suit is groundless, false, or fraudulent.

Can commercial hunting operations take part in this program?

No. Lands that are subleased or used for any commercial hunting activities are not eligible for coverage in the program.

What protection is provided to my club in the event of legal action?

If the hunting club becomes legally obligated to pay to any members, guests, or non-member, any damages for bodily injury or property damage arising from claims against the club, the hunting lease liability insurance policy will pay all sums due up to the policy limits. These payments will be made on behalf of the club except as otherwise excluded by the master policy.

What are some of the exclusions of the policy?

The legal liability coverage provided within this program is shaped by the exclusions and conditions presented in the master policy. Some examples of exclusions include bodily injury or property damage arising from the use of vehicles, aircraft, pollution, workers compensation, assault and battery, intentional or expected acts, and commercial hunting operations. All coverages are subject to the terms, conditions, and/or exclusions presented in the master policy.

Does the landowner need to be named as an additional insured?

Yes. Most landowners will wish to be named as an additional insured so they will be covered in the event they are named in a suit caused by an occurrence of the hunting club. Our policy requires them to be named so that everyone involved in the lease has coverage.

Does a hunt club have to be a formal entity with bylaws etc. to participate?

No. Any group of hunters can participate in the AHLA risk management program.