Front Porch Kit Download

We are thrilled to provide you with a few tools that we believe can really turn a landowner’s decision in your favor. Remember, you are asking to access their farm or property. That is a big ask in most cases, so make sure you are approaching the landowner with the respect and understanding they deserve.  You have already set yourself apart by simply requesting our Front Porch Kit. Use the tools we provide you to demonstrate to the landowner that you are willing to address their risk with a hunting lease liability policy and agreeable to clear communication with a custom lease agreement.

If you do find a willing landowner, there is one more thing they usually appreciate. A simple visit.  Stop in to say hello or visit from time to time.
A well-timed phone call in the offseason to say hello goes a long way towards building a relationship that will last. (There is a good chance you just might get some good scouting info out of them as well!)

Good luck and let us know how you do.