AHLA Certified Associates Program

The American Hunting Lease Association has served as the trade association for the hunting lease industry since 2010. The AHLA works hard to educate landowners and hunters about the many benefits a hunting lease can provide. Landowners and hunt clubs reach out to us every day for guidance, information and risk management solutions.  In short, we have become the Voice Of The Hunting Lease Industry and we are proud to serve in that role!

Our user-friendly, informative website generates traffic from all corners of the country, serving the needs of anyone interested in learning more about hunting leases and how they work.  As hunters that enjoy our own hunting leases, we understand the questions and concerns that many hunters and landowners have. We work hard to generate articles, graphics, and presentations that answer those questions and promote a well-executed hunting lease. 

We would like to invite your company to join the American Hunting Lease Association’s Certified Associate program and unite the hunting lease industry and ensure its continued growth. Prospective customers recognize AHLA Certified Associates when they see our logo on your company’s website, social media platforms and company literature.                                                               

As a unified industry, we can better define markets and trends, stand together when the hunting lease concept is questioned and create fair competition all while continuing to prove to hunters and landowners that a hunting lease may be their best option. 


Consider the benefits the AHLA will provide to you and your company!

 AHLA Certified Associates(CA) receive advantages and benefits that dramatically enhance their ability to reach prospective landowners, gain new customers (hunters) and stand out as trustworthy, professional companies.


·        Accountability.  Every Certified Associate must agree to the AHLA Professional Standards and Ethics Agreement. By agreeing to this code of conduct, landowners, hunters, and other hunting lease companies will recognize an AHLA Certified Associate as one that is worthy of their trust.  Furthermore, AHLA Certified Associates will set the industry standard for acceptable business practices and serve as an example for start-up companies.

·        Use of the AHLA Certified Associate Logo. The AHLA Certified Associate logo is a symbol of professionalism, honesty, and unity. Displaying it on your company’s website and printed material will identify you as a company that holds itself to the highest professional standard.            


·         Unity.  Success of an entire industry relies on the cohesive relationship between participants. Together, we can stand and support our industry while fairly competing to prosper. As the hunting lease industry continues to grow, there will be organized opposition and the likelihood of legislation that may or may not favor our efforts. It is imperative that the industry unite and push our collective agenda forward insuring the future of the hunting lease  concept. AHLA Certified Associates are the backbone of the entire industry.   

·        Gain Exposure.  Hunters and Landowners are looking for you right now. Can they find you? SEO, PPC, blogs, social media and even direct mail are expensive and can quickly spiral out of control with little or no results. As a Certified Associate, you can leverage our reach and traffic for your benefit. The AHLA is currently positioned in the top 3 of our 10 most searched keyword phrases and we continue to optimize for broader searches.  Additionally, our monthly newsletter is emailed to over 30k subscribers. Certified Associates are featured in the monthly newsletter through articles, links and property spotlights. The AHLA also has an aggressive social media strategy that continues to expand our reach and your exposure. When hunters and landowners are searching for the right company, you have to be visible! The AHLA can make that a certainty!

·        Member Links.  All Certified Associates will be listed on the AHLA site with links directly to their respective sites. The AHLA has a full-time digital marketing/web development staff that works every day to market and drive traffic to our site. Your company logo and link on our site will add credibility to your company and give you the broad reach you need to compete.    

·        Additional Revenue Opportunities.  As a Certified Associate, you will be eligible to offer the AHLA risk management program (hunting lease insurance) to your clients, visitors or anyone referred by your company.  The AHLA affiliate program pays a generous $35 for every hunting lease insurance policy purchased using your company’s affiliate number.  It is a terrific way to increase revenue with virtually no effort. Many companies already use our program and have enjoyed tremendous success with it.  

·        Use of AHLA Lease Agreement. The AHLA lease agreement sets the industry standard and contains updated language to establish and define the industry’s intent and core objectives. It has been reviewed and scrutinized by state governing bodies and attorneys and has won approval without fail. Review it here (www.ahuntinglease.org/hunting-lease-agreement)

·        Trade Show Distribution/Lead Generation. The AHLA routinely exhibits at trade shows across the country. AHLA Certified Associates are welcome and encouraged to provide brochures or literature to be distributed. Landowners and hunters routinely approach the AHLA booth asking about reputable companies to lease with or from. We want to tell them about your company!

·        LeaseSpotter (lease listing service).  Take advantage of thousands of AHLA members and hunt clubs looking for leases with our LeaseSpotter listing service. Through an RSS feed, we will automatically list your company’s available leases on our site with direct links back to your site.  Listings are automatically updated as you add or remove listings on your site. Just another way the AHLA can enhance your exposure and drive more business to your company!

         Guest Blog Post Exchange.  The key to relevancy and high search placement is content. The more authoritative content your company can generate and publish the higher your organic search results will be. Creating a network of like-minded business owners (most of them hunters) gives us the opportunity to create and share content.  Writing and publishing informative articles is also a proven method to increase credibility with your client base.   

          AHLA Approved Agent credential.  Through our relationships in the industry and years of hunting lease managment, the AHLA is a unique position to recognize the attributes that seperate a professional hunting lease agent from an amateur person with little or no real experience in the industry.  The AHLA Approved Agent credential is a simple 2 hour course and exam that dedicated professionals will welcome. Displaying the Approved Agent logo on business cards and websites will further seperate your company from the social media driven companies popping up everyday.    

       To pay by check or money order, download, print and complete the Certified Associate Package below and mail it along with payment to:   AHLA Certified Associate, 10412 Allisonville Rd. Ste 110, Fishers, Ind 46038    




          Please feel free to call us directly with any questions about our program on our toll free number