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December 2015


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The Rut is Over, Where did the Deer Go? 

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By Sean Ferbrache COO, American Hunting Lease Association

Well, to this point we have certainly covered the how to’s, the where to’s and the why to’s of your new hunting lease. If you would like to read those articles, please find them here:

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  But now that the rut and most of the movement has really turned off, where did all of your deer go? Don’t worry, they are still there. After two months of pressure, which ramped up considerably during gun season, they are just learning how to avoid you. I know it’s hard for some hunters to buy this, but the fact is they know when you get there and when you leave. Sounds like the truck pulling in, the truck door slamming (my personal biggest issue with hunting partners), loud talking as you dress and then the disturbance of someone walking through their living room and climbing a tree is enough for them to seek a quiet place. Also, if you are still using your trail cameras and still seeing sign, you will notice they are still there, they have simply adjusted and are moving exclusively at night. You can sit all day if you want to…but I don’t recommend it.  Read More


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