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The American Hunting Podcast - Episode 14 Ft. Chad Belding

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5 Things You Need Before Talking To A Landowner

How many times have you walked up to a landowner’s house to ask for permission only to be turned away? 5? 10? 15 times? At what point in the conversation could you tell the landowner wasn’t interested? Could you have been better prepared to deal with the landowner’s questions? Here... Read More

Protecting Our Freedoms This Independence Day

                  July 4th is not just any ordinary day in America. It’s the day we celebrate, as a country, our freedoms awarded to us by our founding fathers. Independence Day. The day that a new country was formed and the day that kicked off a... Read More

Why You Need A Lease Agreement For Your Lease

Only a few more months until this year’s hunting season and we are all getting our leases ready for the rut. We have our tree stands hung, cameras put in place, and all of our leases are secured for the season.  By “secured” I don’t just mean we shook hands with the land... Read More

Choosing Liability Insurance for your Guide or Outfitter Business

      America’s guides and outfitters offer a wide array of experiences and activities. From guiding elk hunters on horseback in the Rockies, to picking up waterfowl hunters at a local motel for a day of shooting sea ducks in Maryland or even hosting whitetail hunters in... Read More

The American Hunting Lease Association - 2018 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Here's a list for those hunter's on your shopping list this holiday season! Whether you send this list to your family as a guide, or you have some hunter's on your own list, these gifts are sure to be a hit with the outdoorsman in your life!   Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex ... Read More

Learning What It Means To "Do It Yourself"

This story is an excerpt from The American Hunting Podcast Episode 002 - For the full conversation and more click here There's a ton of public land out West. There's way more out West than in the Midwest, and we stay with the do it yourself method, man. I've hunted bears twice in ... Read More

A Conversation with Sean Curran of The Sportsman's Alliance

The Following was taken from Episode 002 of The American Hunting Podcast Featuring Sean Curran of The Sportsman's Alliance. You can watch the full interview at the bottom of the page:   Sean Ferbrache: About three years ago we were looking for a group or organization to support and we... Read More

What We're Looking Forward to Most This Season

This Blog Post Is an Excerpt From The American Hunting Podcast Episode 001: You Can Find The Whole Conversation Here  I think, because I've recently started hunting within the last three years, and there's just a lot of things I don't know. So every time I get out in the... Read More

Is Hunter Access an Issue?

The Following Text Transcription Is an Excerpt From The American Hunting Podcast Episode 001: You Can Find The Entire Conversation Here  So what about access? You know, when I talk to people who say access is the problem. It's the biggest issue we have is “We have no ... Read More

The Best Ways To Stay Safe In Your Tree Stand

I get to work. I sit down. First thing I get is a Google alert of a hunter that's died. And this time in Ohio, we had one hunter die on the fifteenth of October is the first one I think we know of in Louisiana Wednesday, the twenty fourth of October. A Guy dies. I guess he was forty eight y... Read More

TSSA Press Release

ROANOKE, Va. -- September is tree Stand Safety Awareness Month and is the month that most hunters head back to the woods to hang stands in preparation for the upcoming hunting season. Tree Stand Safety Awareness Foundation’s (TSSA) mission is to significantly reduce tree stand accidents throug... Read More