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Do You Have A Trespasser Problem? 6 Tips for Catching Uninvited Guests

If you own property with a large amount of acreage, then you know how difficult it can be to monitor that much land at all times. Even with today’s technology, you can’t be everywhere all at once. Here are just a few tips from the American Hunting Lease Association to help catch trespass... Read More

A 7 Step Guide For Landowners - Make Your Property Safer

    Buy Vacant Land Insurance     Thank you for trusting the American Hunting Lease Association to protect your assets with our unique Vacant Land/Timberland liability program. Whether you allow hunters to hunt on your property, simply enjoy time with family an... Read More

Purchasing Land Insurance for Vacant Land

  If you own property that is vacant and undeveloped, you may be left open to unnecessary risks and liability. In order to protect yourself and your investment, you should purchase vacant land insurance. The American Hunting Lease Association has created this guide to vacant land insurance i... Read More

Do I Need Insurance on Vacant Land?

If you own property you have probably had the thought before – “what happens if someone gets injured on my land?” It doesn’t matter if the guest was invited or a trespasser, if they are injured on your property and they decide to sue, you could, in the very least, be fo... Read More

Vacant Land Insurance: Protecting Yourself and Your Investments

You can do your best to make your property as safe as possible, but dangers can arise in an instant on vacant timberland. That’s why you need to protect yourself and your investments from expensive lawsuits with Timberland Liability Insurance. While most insurance policies will cover a landown... Read More

AHLA Statement on VA Senate Bill NO. 774

  The American Hunting Lease Association, in response to the newly filed Virginia Senate Bill NO. 774 (excerpt below), stands firmly opposed to any laws prohibiting or limiting the freedoms or rights of American hunters. SENATE BILL NO. 774 Offered January 8, 2020Prefiled January 8, 2... Read More

Landowner Liability Concerns

Whether you are a bird watcher, a forester, a conservationist or hunter, the dream of owning your own piece of ground for recreation can be the realization of a life spent working and saving so that one day you could be called a landowner.  The joy and satisfaction you receive from spending tim... Read More

2019-2020 AHLA Photo Contest

After an incredible contest last year we are excited to announce the rules for The American Hunting Lease Association's Photo Contest for the 2019-2020 season! Send us your photos and be ready to vote on our Facebook page for the winners! Read the rules for the contest below: 20... Read More

2019 Holiday Buyer's Guide

2019 Holiday Buyer’s Guide Here's a list for those hunters on your shopping list this holiday season! Whether you send this list to your family as a guide, or you have some hunters on your own list, these gifts are sure to be a hit with the outdoorsman in your life! Hunter Safety Sys... Read More

Happy Veteran's Day!

This Veteran's Day we want to give thanks to all of those who have served and are currently serving. We thank you for your bravery and sacrifice so that we could live safely and enjoy the freedoms that you protect at home and around the world. Thank you! ... Read More

How Does Leasing Work?

How does the hunting Lease work? What is a hunting Lease? What's the true definition of it? It's simple. It's just an agreement between a landowner and a group of hunters or hunter. Down south, where they have all those thousands of acres, they have big hunt clubs. They might have 150 me... Read More

How Affordable is Leasing?

I'll tell you a story and you can tell pretty quickly whether or not you want to spend your money. if you tell your wife or your significant other “Hey, I'm just going to spend $5,000 dollars.” That isn't going to go over so well. Instead, let's do the math. Let's bre... Read More