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TSSA Press Release

ROANOKE, Va. -- September is tree Stand Safety Awareness Month and is the month that most hunters head back to the woods to hang stands in preparation for the upcoming hunting season. Tree Stand Safety Awareness Foundation’s (TSSA) mission is to significantly reduce tree stand accidents throug... Read More

An Addiction In The Making

BY CONNOR HERMESCH   It’s crazy how a crisp autumn breeze hitting your face as you step outside can change a person’s mindset. Some wish for longer summers. Some think about the upcoming holiday season. And others get a feeling like no one else. Hunters. Hunters are a differen... Read More

AHLA Offers Master Program for Guides and Outfitters

In 2010 the American Hunting Lease Association came to the rescue of hunters, hunt clubs and landowners across the US. As the future of hunting in America began a steady and rapid decline, the AHLA made its mission to make hunting access possible and affordable for everyone. The AHLA introduced t... Read More

10 Hunting Accidents that Could Happen on Hunting Land

Hunting Safety Awareness | Common Hunting Accidents You’ve heard it over and over again. First from your parents, then throughout school, and now you likely hear it preached at your workplace. “Stay safe.” It’s obviously great advice and there’s a lot that you (yes, ... Read More

Why an Outfitter Needs Hunting Liability Insurance

Think You Don’t Need Hunting Liability Insurance? As a hunting outfitter, you have a lot on your plate. You constantly need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on your property so you know how to put clients on the wild game animals they are looking for. You also need... Read More

5 Mistakes You DO NOT Want To Make

Ready to Hang Stands?   5 Mistakes You DO NOT Want To Make.   If you are like most hunters across the country, you likely hunted some during the late season and even more likely noticed a few trails or bedding areas you thought would make a nice place to hang a stand. Before yo... Read More

Landowner's Guide to Leasing Your Hunting Land

Hunting Leases | Why You Should Consider Leasing Your Hunting Land Maybe having a chunk of land to call your own was always one of your long-term hunting goals. Maybe you inherited a family farm from one of your parents. Or maybe you’re buying land to lease for hunting specifically as an in... Read More

When and How to Start Looking for Hunting Leases

Get Started with Hunting Leases This Season Maybe you’re not a landowner. But the idea of having a little piece of property to hunt on all to yourself is something you’ve always dreamt about. No more arriving hours before dawn to beat other people to your favorite duck hunting slough.... Read More

Realtor's Guide to Selling Land with the Potential of Hunting Leases

How to Sell Properties for Hunting Leases When you are trying to sell land for hunting properties or hunting leases, there are many things you need to think about. Everyone is looking for something a little different, depending on what their interests and goals are. One person might be looking fo... Read More

How a WWII Vet Taught Me to Love Hunting

How a WWII Vet Taught Me to Love Hunting (Thoughts on Father’s Day)   Do you remember the first time you watched that little round, red and white bobber start to twitch. . . and then glide slowly across the water before diving under a log? Who baited your hook that day? Was it... Read More

The Secret Is Simple. Take Care Of Your Landowner

  Let’s be clear, the choice to pay for hunting access or not is all yours. Millions of hunters have discovered that leasing ground to hunt not only offers them the freedom to hunt and manage a farm as if it were their own, it also benefits the landowner in many ways. That doesn’... Read More

Never Too Late To Start Hunting: The American Hunting Lease Association Has The Tools For You

By: Connor Hermesch   FISHERS, Ind. ­­­­– I grew up in your typical storybook small town. The kind where there is just one stop light and corn fields as far as you can see. Growing up I always enjoyed spending time outdoors exploring the unknown. As I grew up me and ... Read More