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The Liability Factor

The truth about hunting leases is that there just isn’t much downside for any of the parties involved. Landowners realize additional revenue while controlling hunter numbers, reducing trespassing issues and creating much safer hunting conditions. Hunters are thrilled to gain access to quality ... Read More

Editorial: Why Hunting's Latest Fad is Bad for Hunting and Even Worse for Wildlife

Can we agree, there is nothing that makes us feel more relieved, blessed, inspired and proud than wrapping our hands around a heavy set of massive antlers while hunting?  or closing the deal on a fired up old tom in the spring?  Hunters across the country attest to a very real physical sen... Read More

Why Insurance is the Key to a Hunting Lease

Do you remember the last time you had a few friends over to watch a game? Maybe it was just a Sunday afternoon with a few buddies or maybe it was Superbowl Sunday with a houseful of crazed football fans. Either way, it’s likely as the host you couldn’t really relax and enjoy the game. Be... Read More

Don't Stop Knocking On Doors

The more things change the more they seem to insist on staying the same.  40 years ago, a father and his daughter could knock on the door of a local farmer and ask for permission to hunt the farmer’s property. The likelihood that the farmer would say ‘yes’, was fairly high,... Read More

What We Do

2016 may have come to an end, but the AHLA is just getting started! Crouched in the snow, deep in a southeastern Kentucky holler last week, I sat glassing the opposite hillside for anything that resembled an elk. Conditions were ideal to say the least. Single digit temps and fresh snow are the ke... Read More

The Rutt. 'Where Most of the Action Happens Late'

Well, here we are. We made it to the beginning of another fall season. Like a young single version of myself (and many of you.) slogging through the work week just to get to Friday night. We have endured another long cold winter, a soggy spring and a brutal run of 90 degree days in the Midwest, j... Read More

Illinois DNR Makes Costly Mistake by Redefining 'Outfitter'

The Illinois DNR, in what appears to be a stance against hunting leases, has broadened the definition of an “outfitter” to include hunting lease companies, booking agents and anyone else involved with marketing to hunters on behalf of landowners, tenants or even other outfitters. Acco... Read More

The Hunting Trade Show

It wasn’t long ago that the thought of January and a new year depressed me. Here in Indiana, it means unpredictable but typically bitter cold weather, shoveling snow, short days but mostly it means my hunting has come to an end. When the last page of the calendar turns over, what it really tel... Read More

The State of Leasing in America

  I can still hear the ringing in my ears from another fun-filled holiday weekend celebrating our nation’s birthday. A nice long weekend with family and friends is never complete until a few of us start laying out our plans for the upcoming hunting season and which deer made the hit li... Read More

Need a strong lease agreement? Use the AHLA custom template.

There are two cornerstones to every successful leasing experience. The first one is good liability coverage for the hunters and the landowners. The second is a well written and clearly worded lease agreement. Clearly defining the parameters of your lease and the expectations of everyone involved wil... Read More

Are You Ready For A Hunting Lease?

Articles in this Series [Part 1] Are You Ready For A Hunting Lease? [Part 2] Let's Do It. Choosing the Right Hunting Lease. [Part 3] Your First 3 Must-Do's on Your New Hunting Lease. [Part 4] The Rut is Over, Where Did the Deer Go? [Part 5] The Reveal Party By Sean Ferb... Read More

It's Time to Say 'Never Again' to Tree Stand Falls.

It would appear that we are at a crossroads. As hunters and friends of hunters and parents of hunters and wives of hunters etc... we are standing at a historical “fork in the road.”  We can either make the decision that some tree stand falls are acceptable and simply part of hunt... Read More