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Test Entry 2015


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1. BCL $10,000 Certificate         Terry Harris, LA           
2. Sitka Gear                               Darren Brower, KY      
3. Sitka Gear                               James Brown, GA        
4. Sitka Gear                               Daniel Hunt, FL            
5. Sitka Gear                               Adam Ocasek, SC         
6. Sitka Gear                               Judy Wardlow, MS        
7. Sitka Gear                               Scott Washam, LA       
8. Sitka Gear                               Mitchell Anderson, SC
9. Sitka Gear                               Bruce Agness, TX        
10. Sitka Gear                             Mike Harrington, LA   
11. Yeti Tundra 50                      Milton Holmes, NC       
12. Yeti Tundra 50                      Charles Dannheim, TX
13. Yeti Tundra 50                      Dan Cox, TN                 
14. Yeti Tundra 50                      Richard Allen, LA          
15. HSS Safety Harness             Chris West, NC               
16. HSS Safety Harness             Kevin Garrard, MI       
17. HSS Safety Harness             Dean Oglesby, GA         
18. HSS Safety Harness             Todd Black, LA              
19. HSS Safety Harness             Jimmy Dawkins, NC      
20. HSS Safety Harness             Frank Scott, NC            
21. HSS Safety Harness             Johnny Ellis, NC             
22. HSS Safety Harness             Jason Willis, NC            
23. HSS Safety Harness             Charles Mayerhoff, MS
24. HSS Safety Harness             Jeff Czajkowski, NY 
25. HSS Safety Harness             Nadyne Aikman, AR    
26. HSS Safety Harness             Randy Duncan, SC       
27. Merk Farms Package           Clarence Montgomery, SC   
28. Redneck Haybale Blind        Warren Newsom, LA
Winners were notified by email on 9/3/15.


If you renewed your policy or purchased a new policy prior to August 24, 2015, you should have received your Certificate of Liability Insurance in the mail.  If you have not received it, please contact AHLA at 866-782-6330 or info@ahuntinglease.org

If you have not yet renewed, you can easily renew your policy in one of 3 ways: 
1. Logging into our website www.ahuntinglease.org and clicking on "my policies". 
2. Calling 866-782-6330 with credit card details. 
3. Mailing in a check. 

When you purchase your AHLA membership and renew your policy, you will be entered into the AHLA’s 2016 DREAM LEASE SWEEPSTAKES

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By Sean Ferbrache COO, American Hunting Lease Association

From your first thoughts of a hunting lease to the second you put an arrow or bullet through his lungs, this series will guide you through the entire process.
The following is the second in a five part series of informative articles written for hunters of all experience levels and passions.


You have seen the light! ...you have addressed your hunting club’s expectations and the finances and are ready to begin wading through the infinite amount of information to find the right lease?

Like any “search” these days, most of us turn to our phone, tablet or laptop and begin our search on Google. I think Google (internet in general) is a pretty solid place to start when looking for a hunting lease as well. The vast majority of hunting lease companies have some type of website that lists their available properties. Unfortunately, the method that Google uses to list and rank these sites can be very complicated and most hunting lease sites just won’t rank in a simple search.  The AHLA helps with that by listing those companies that are AHLA Certified Associates on our own site at ahuntinglease.org. Companies that display the AHLA Certified Associate logo on their home page have agreed to a standard of best business practices and can be trusted partner in your search for the right property. Read more.