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February 2015



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Spring renewals have begun for many of our customers. However, there are still many that need to renew prior to March 1, 2015 to avoid a lapse in coverage.

You can visit our website at www.ahuntinglease.org to renew or please call us at
1-866-782-6330.  Our office staff is more than happy to assist you with your renewal.

When you purchase your AHLA membership and renew your policy, you will be entered into the AHLA’s DREAM LEASE SWEEPSTAKES

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Benefits of Becoming an AHLA Member
Members of the AHLA will receive a limited edition “Original Member” hat, a license/tag kit and a window decal. In addition to your member gift pack, each member will be entered into our drawing for a $10,000 Dream Lease Gift Certificate courtesy of Base Camp Leasing.  However, the Dream Lease Sweepstakes doesn’t stop there. We are also offering prizes from some of the hunting industry’s top companies!

Just as important, you will be making it possible for us to continue promoting the benefits of leasing and ensuring that leasing remains a viable and meaningful option for landowners and hunters.  Become a member.

It's February.  I Guess That Means I Have to Shed Hunt. 

By Sean Ferbrache, Chief Operating Officer AHLA
 I am not a fan of February. How can I be? Deer season is long over, football is gone for 8 months, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and snow and ice are covering everything on our lease. It’s about this time every year that cabin fever sinks its claws in me and makes me feel like a prisoner in my own home.  But mercifully, February does offer one option to watching reruns of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” 
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