Hunting Lease Agreement

The AHLA hunting lease agreement has been time tested for over 15 years and sets the industry standard for hunting lease contracts. The AHLA hunting lease has been reviewed by attorneys from both hunters and landowners and has consistently received praise and approval. Our contract has evolved over the years as different interpretations made it necessary to update various sections.  A written lease is required in order for your insurance to be in effect. 

We highly recommend using the AHLA hunting lease agreement template.  The hunting lease template can be accessed and completed after you purchase an AHLA policy. The agreement is included as part of your Hunting Lease Liability package at no additional cost. 

Our hunting lease contract obligates accountability for both parties involved, yet allows for flexibility to accommodate those special circumstances for each individual situation. There is an area in the contract that allows you to add clauses that may only pertain to your lease and/or property.

Use our customizable hunting lease contract and put your trust in an unbiased proven agreement.




If you already have your AHLA hunting insurance and would like to create your hunting lease agreement, first login to your account.  On the next page, click on "My Lease Agreements" to begin.  It's as easy as answering a few simple questions.  When you renew your policy next year, all you have to do is change the dates and it will create your new lease agreement.